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Filipina Massage Sex Available in Angeles City

Like sex together with your massage sir? I sure do. Thankfully for visitors to Angeles City, Filipina massage sex is alive and well. Just check out the video below that our fellow mongerers over at Trike Patrol have for us this week. Looks hot if you ask me.

Filipina Massage Sex Video

Now I'm sure you could get any Filipina to slather the soap and suds over her body and yours for an awesome massage (if the price is right), but this girl seems to actually enjoy her work. If you're only the bar hopping type, then you owe it to yourself to try something that our Thai mongers have known for years. Massage sex is awesome.


Tuk Tuk Patrol vs. Trike Patrol

Tuk Tuk Patrol and Trike Patrol - sounds pretty familar doesn't it? Trike Patrol, as our readers already know, is an awesome Filipina porn site we cover here on Filipina Hunter. A 'trike' is a motorcycle w/ sidecar used in the Philippines as cheap transporation. A 'tuk-tuk', on the other hand, is a similar form of transportation used widely throughout Thailand. Tuk Tuk Patrol, predictably, is a "brand new" Thai porn site featuring the hottest and nastiest girls from Thailand. Same producers, same camerman, same great quality! These guys sure do get around don't they?

What can you expect to see on the site? Regular updates, videos, pic sets, stories, and more featuring hot Thai girls comes to mind. It's also a bit cheaper than most porn sites as it's just new and getting started. But don't take thehunter's word for it - check Tuk Tuk Patrol out for yourself. If you're a fan of great Filipina porn, then we're sure you'll be pleased.


Tuk Tuk Patrol - Thai Porn

Trike Patrol’s Latest Filipina Pornstar ?

Trike Patrol has been bringing us great Filipina porn for several years now. They always seem to discover Filipina girls who are not afraid to get naked and screwed in front of a video camera.

Filipina Pornstar at Trike Patrol

Check out the latest girl our boys over at Trike Patrol pick up for an afternoon of fun. She has a great body and from her performance in the video it is easy to see this girl loves to fuck! In fact, with a little more work, I think this girl could be a great Filipina porn star. But judge for yourself. If not her, then keep checking back - Trike Patrol adds a new one every week.


Filipina Threesome Sex

Threesome sex with two Filipina teens? Now that's the stuff that can cure a bad day. Whenever anyone has had nothing but things going wrong all day, these Filipina girls can make you feel good. So cute with such a lovable attitude. These teen girls look gorgeous naked. You’ll love every inch of them. Need proof?

Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex
Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex
Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex
Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex Filipina Threesome Sex  

Cute Filipina tits and a pair of two tight pussy's is the best part of this Filipina threesome. Fantasize about them all you want, then head over to Trike Patrol and watch the live video of these teens in hot 3-way action.

Trike Patrol's Hot Filipina Sex

Trike Patrol’s Filipina Amateurs


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Jimmy, the main dude over at, gets all the horniest girls in the Philippines to pose naked for them. At the very least he gets all the ones who are most desperate to earn some extra cash by fucking and sucking on cam. This model for example.....well I don't know her name but you can be sure the guys over at Trike Patrol picked her up right off the streets of Manila. Probably made Jimmy happy. The model got paid (and fucked) so you know she was happy. Likewise, if you're a fan of hot Filipina girls having sex then check out all the other weekly episodes over at Trike Patrol and I guarantee you can be 'happy' as well.

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