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Asian Sex Diary in the Philippines

For some really hot and new Filipina girls, head on over to Asian Sex Diary. Brought to you by the same lucky guy that gave us Filipina Sex Diary, this new site has quality updated Asian girls from all over - many from the Philippines!

Filipina Girls on Asian Sex Diary

Most of the site is sectioned off with both videos and photos of the different girls and their home countries. Where this site really shines is all the wealth of first-hand info they share with members, as well as being constantly updated with fresh talent.


Filipina Sex Diary Video Highlights Week #48

Surfing back to Filipina Sex Diary, after an 8-month layoff, we find the Filipina porn site now up to an astonishing Week #48 of constantly updated videos and pics. Check out the latest highlight video below for the latest in this man's Filipina sex travels.

Filipina porn video from Filipina Sex Diary

How does this guy do it, fucking a new Filipina almost daily and posting the videos and pics without fail. Almost a full year that Filipina Sex Diary has been online and there's just no stopping this guy. My dick would have fell off 6 months ago I think. Well their is the cultural aspect to it I guess (yeah....rrrrrright.) If you're a fan of Asian porn you should definitely check out the site and either live vicariously through this guy's exploits or start planning your own trip to the Philippines.


Filipina Sex Diary – Week 12 Highlight Video

Filipina Sex Diary promises 'daily updates' but do they in fact, deliver? Well, as you can see in this video our whore-mongering friend is already up to week #12 of daily updates with no sign of slowing down. That's a shit load of Filipina girls just so far that's he's fucked.

Week No. 12 Video Hi-lights from Filipina Sex Diary

Now I don't know about you, but I sure do hope this guy does not get bored of all these Filipina sex encounters he is documenting for the rest of us stuck in our home countries, dreaming we were in his shoes. Actually, to be honest, Filipina Sex Diary is motivating me even more to finally book my own plane ticket to fly over there and experience it for myself firsthand. Trust me, if you need some motivation for that Philippines trip you've always wanted to take, check out this guy's adventures.


Filipina Sex Diary – Daily Monger Journal

Filipina Sex Diary mixes a tourist with a video camera, some cash, and a plane ticket to the Philippines and presents the results for all to see. This guy must have a couple months vacation time as he travels all over picking up sexy Filipina girls of all shapes and sizes for some hard core sex back in the hotel room. The site is relatively new in the Filipina sex niche and is updated 'daily'! At the end of each week he publishes a week in review video and pic set as well. You can view the latest here:

Filipina Sex Diary's Weekly Highlights

Looks like he is having a lot of fun doesn't it? Well, our friends who produce the Trike Patrol series of videos/photo shoots have this guy all set up to publish his stuff through their network of already awesome line-up of Filipina porn sites, so you know it's hot! Check it out for yourself.