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Filipina Lesbians – Girlie and Kim

After swimming all day at the beach Girlie and Kim decide to get extra friendly with each other back in their hotel room.

Filipina Lesbians Girlie and Kim

If you've been following this Filipina porn blog longer than five minutes then you already know thehunter loves Lesbian sex! Well these two Filipinas, Girlie and Kim, are no exception. I found them over at and just had to share. Hopefully their are a few like minded of you out there who enjoys them as much as I do. Check out some more Filipina porn:


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Filipina Teen Lesbians Slippery When Wet

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I love Filipinas. I really love lesbians. So when I saw these two sexy Filipina teen girls naked in the shower rubbing the soap all over each other and getting slippery and wet, I nearly cried. Why? Because I am about 10,000 miles away from Manila right now. Guys who have been to the PI before know what I'm talking about. It's not exactly post traumatic stress disorder, but it's very similar. All your conscience thoughts focus on these little brown skinned honeys just waiting for you on the other side of the planet. Girls just like our two teen lesbians here frolicking in the shower.

Is there a cure? Sure if you can afford the airfare. Thankfully in this case there is at least some medicine in the form of These guys really know how to bandage a sore wound. Weekly updates with fresh young amateur faces and even hotter Pinay bods...just what the mamasan ( ordered.



Filipina Lipstick Lesbians

These couple of carpet munching Pinays get really into their kinky lesbian porn games. Wielding duel dildos better than lightsabers these Manila lesbos bring each other to an explosive climax. No fake acting shit here, these girls really get into it! Check out the video trailer above then head over to Pleasure Me Asia to watch some more kinky Filipina porn.